Clashing Time talks Best Kept Secrets

Ever since I first moved out of my parents house and went off to university I became completely obsessed with buying candles. When you don't have your parents there to make you feel better when you are a little stressed or feeling low, a candle always seems to help! I find that there is something so therapeutic about sitting in a room with a glistening candle in the corner, and it is even better if it is scented! A while ago, Johnny and I went to Camden and decided to check out the stalls in Camden Lock. Johnny decided to treat me to a selection of candles from 'Best Kept Secrets'. They sell handmade scented candles and candle tins for every occasion and to make it even better, a lot of them are sparkly! I selected the box with wild rose, daisy and lavender in it and although they are typically summery scents, the look of them on a little tray makes the room feel all festive! When they are lit, they give off such strong smells that make the room just glorious. There is nothing better than a candle that actually smells when it is lit - so many of them just smell nice beforehand. If you are ever in Camden Market, then definitely pop in to the arts, crafts and gifts section as you are in for a treat! Take a look on the Best Kept Secrets Website for more information.