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Monday, 22 March 2010

Asos Cadbury Offer

I had a pretty bad day today and not really in the mood for a great post. 
Me and my boyfriend broke up so cant say or do much today.
So I thought I would just tell you about this great offer on 
for a promotion from cadbury caramel nibbles. 
You have to make a moodboard of a selection of their clothes
and you are in the chance of winning £250 
to spend on
If you get a chance then please take a look HERE :)
Especially if you win that sort of money!!!

Here's my moodboard...



Cherry Pullinger said...

Great offer, thanks for letting us know!

Charly said...

Think of all the clothes from asos to cheer you up a bit and get the cadburys out!Always helps a little bit :)hope you feel better soon lovelyxxxx

Em x said...

Ohhh hun, i'm so sorry to hear about you and your bf.Look after yourself xxx

Anonymous said...

I send you an express air hug...this sucks a lot!

Great offer though!

Clare said...

Hope you're ok, cheer up soon!

tweet tweet tweet


MOLLYKT said...

thanks for the heads up Pippa!
i'll enter asap, looks like a great competition :D

Sarah said...

I hope you're ok lovely! Thank you for letting us know about the offer!


Tights Lover said...

So sorry about you and your bf. I hope you are doing okay!

Anonymous said...

awww :( hope it gets better soon x

fashionclocked said...

try to keep smiling- the competition is a great distraction! xx


Charlie ♥ said...

sorry to hear about your boyfriend :( hope it all works out, and if not, hope your okay :( thanks for bringing this offer to light though, i may have to enter!

VAMPIRES-AND-CARDIGANS.BLOGSPOT.COM - Dont forget to enter the Giveaway!


Miri said...

Awwww -hugs- Sometimes things like this happen, but it always turns your into a stronger person =)

CherryBlossom said...

Sorry to hear lovely.

Martwa Marta said...

sorry to hear about your bf.... everything will be fine!

SammyKins said...

omg pip what happened? are you ok? email me on facebook if you need to chat? :) sorry about the late reply hope your ok
love sammy

daisychain said...

sending so much love your way x

SammyKins said...

also you have won my blog giveaway!!!! i just drew up the prizes and you won first!hope your ok :)

Ulrika said...

Aww, hun, so sorry to hear about your break-up!!Hope you feel better soon!
ps. tagged you for an award


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