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Sunday, 1 November 2009

She actually looks like a real mother...

Victoria Beckham has had some gorgeous and also tragic hair styles in the past since her career started back in 1994...But now after seeing her three sons  Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz grow up, she has decided to get a real hairstyle! This hairstyle has been reported to be a 'softer feathered bob', which is far more flattering for the mum of thirty-five. Her casual look here must be so much more comfortable for 'family time', even if you are being photographed from every angle and possibly getting more attention as a style icon than the LA Lakers vs the Dallas Mavericks game! After mothering three boys and being a wife to a famous footballer, I'm really not all the surprised that Victoria is not completely enthralled by the game and her attention has moved on to other things! One thing i do love is her Christian Louboutin shoes, they add style to a simple classic look!

Also i love how they look like such a real family in this picture, just a mother and father caring for their young son and nothing fakeness or playing up for the camera! The body language shows their concern, as Posh has her hand on Becks' arm and he has his hand on her leg and they are really close together to their son which I think shows care for him and that he is important to them.


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Coco said...

I love it! Does she ever look bad?!

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