Queen of Cupcakes

I went to the Newmarket Races Craft Show today and everything was SO gorgeous. There was such gorgeous things there but unfortunately completely out of my price range! The stalls varied from abstact and classical pieces of art, to reptile door stands made of all kinds of things! The most appealing stalls were the hand made jewellery stands, which as you can imagine...were amazing...but everything was from atleast £50+ and I am terrible with jewellery, so as pretty as it all was, im very likely to lose it all! I like simple jewellery, I have one necklace which my boyfriend bought me and I wear it every single day :) *love him*. In the food court, the first thing that caught my eye was the cake stand. Huge platforms filled with handmade cakes made infront of you and I could not resist buying 5 for £5! :) I gave the dark chocolate one to my boyfriend when I saw him later that day and the other 4 were for myself and my family! The baker has a company called 'Queen of Cupcakes' and her website is http://www.queenofcupcakes.co.uk/. I recommend ordering some :)