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Friday, 30 October 2009

Quiet Night Out...

Tonight I'm going out for an Indian with some friends.
Its been half term and all of us have been far too busy to see eachother, so tonight is the night. After monday night's illness in town, I have decided that i'm not going to drink and instead I shall let the others have the drinking fun! Because of this, I have decided to not dress up too much but instead be confortable. I am wearing a friends Topshop leather jacket, Topshop silk coral/pink block colour blouse, Dorothy Perkins leggins and Dorothy Perkins *new buy* platformed heel ankle boots. The necklace is my favourite part, I got it for my birthday back in January from a friend and I never thought that it would be the kind of thing that I would wear as I prefer plain necklaces, but because of my block colours tonight, I thought that the necklace should come out :)


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Tights Lover said...

Love those shoes! You have a great blog. Enjoy the Indian tonight.

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