Michael Lohan

So we all know that Lindsay hasnt been in the best shape recently, but this is nothing in comparison to her father, who's bad name has now become even worse. He had a four year sentence for stock fraud after working in Wall Street, then was prevented from seeing his children after probation violation, and then later after his dovorce was finalised between him and Dina, media reports came out that he had been physically abusing Dina and sent her many threats since she split with him. Now he said some words that a daughter will never forget - "She needs long-term rehab. I fear the worst. Look at Elvis, Anna Nicole Smith, Heath Ledger - who was a close friend of hers. It could be a year, a month, a week - who knows? She has a plethora of medicine you can’t mix and can’t drink with." Who would ever even want to think about the death of their child? No matter how much of a bad condition they are in, surely you would want to be helping them to get better rather than think the worst...??? Fair enough it is unfortunate that his only way of communication with his children is through the media, but if that was me then I would most definately be saying nice things, even if I had a daughter like Lindsay. What do you think?

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