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Monday, 5 October 2009

Beautiful Beautiful Money...

Whilst in my past few blogs I have written about clothes and the inability to buy them, this one is different, although it still involves money, I am focusing on something far less temporary, concentrating on the permanent grandeur of a piece of inspiring architecture.

This well known piece of architecture is otherwise known as Cambridge University Branch of Lloyds Bank. After a little bit of research, I've found out that it was built in 1891 by an architect called Waterhouse. It is a clock tower and spire which has turned into one of Cambridge's well known landmarks in the centre of town.

The use of bright white lights coming from every angle of the ceiling, was an instant standing out point for me, walking in through the dark old fashioned doors of the building, from the sun lit outside and realising that when I collect my money I am actually in a beautiful distraction of a building. I actually spent about 15 minutes looking upwards and taking pictures in shock of how beautiful it is before I eventually collected my money.

If you get a chance, then i definately advise that you go have a look...

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