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Friday, 12 January 2018

Unexplained Unfulfillment

Despite being friends with people because of common interests or circumstances, you will never view a situation in the same way as the person next to you. You can feel as if you know someone because they portray themselves in a certain way, but it's important to remember that behind closed doors they might be someone completely different. It's so easy to make assumptions about people based on what you know or see about them, but how often do you stop to look deeper? We are all so busy, so we choose to accept people as what we think we know, and that is completely fine! Who can be bothered to question it? Modern day life takes over and we are all time poor, so viewing things in the simplest way is normally the easiest to come to terms with. Every so often though, we should take a moment to realise that only a few individuals are truly themselves on the inside and out, and that some people use all of their energy on 'appearing' okay, whilst also suffering with anxieties, fears and battles of their own. 
I've titled this post unexplained unfulfillment because this is what I suffer from. I have a roof over my head, food on the table, and a steady income, yet I live with a constant feeling of unfulfillment. It's absolutely insane when I try to explain it to people (so apologies if it doesn't make much sense), but I guess the only way I can articulate what I mean is by saying that my life feels like a never ending battle to achieve what is just out of reach. My brain tells me on a daily basis that i'm incapable of achieving the salary I want, the body I want, the motivation I want, the types of friendships I want...and there is absolutely no explanation as to why. I just can't. I realise that this is a stereotypical post written by a modern day 'millennial' - someone who is supposedly completely unsatisfied with life and unappreciative of what I have (can you tell I hate generational prejudice?). However, I think it is important to explain that this is how I feel, and not hold back because I'm worried about what people will think. 
I've spent most of my life suffering with anxiety and have had real issues with comparison, but I think that more recently it has dawned on me quite how much I struggle with it. We live in a world of instagram models and social media accounts which display the success of our peers, and it makes it really difficult for each of us to not compare our lives to theirs. Don't get me wrong, there's so many amazing things that come from the world we live in, but it's also not healthy to see these aspirational bloggers and celebrities who live lives that are so out of reach. It makes it almost impossible for me to realise my value or work out where I belong when I'm pretty much being told that I should be someone completely different to who I am. It's not surprising in the slightest that I am feeling these crazy feelings of unfulfillment when I am getting so much exposure to an unattainable lifestyle. I know deep down that all the things I think I want wouldn't necessarily make me happy or fulfilled in any way, but because it is in front of me all the time my brain plays tricks on me. 
This year I want to spend more time following and being inspired by girls and guys who I feel like I could go for a coffee with. Make friends with people who live in the moment and are real, those who write posts about real life subjects that I can relate to and don't make me feel bad about myself. Every time I look at a picture and get that horrible sensation of FOMO (from a friend or blogger), I need to pinch myself and bring myself back to reality and realise that the person in the picture might be struggling with the same imposter syndrome that I am - but they are just better at hiding it. I know that not every relationship is perfect, every girl suffers from body image issues, and I know that I can't afford a Gucci handbag or go to expensive restaurants on a daily basis, so why am I spending my time trying to convince myself that that way of life would make me feel more satisfied?
I know that mental health is discussed all over the place, as this is 2018, but it always amazes me that it is still so frowned upon by some people to openly discuss the struggles that you're going through. We all seem scared to be honest about the thoughts in our heads due to the fear of being called a drama queen, an over-sharer, or worse be categorised as the dreaded label of 'mentally unwell' (which unfortunately has more negative connotations than it should). I don't know about you, but I think I have very few friends who feel secure enough to discuss the extent of what is going on with them because we live in such a world of judgement. People are worried, even with their own friends to talk about their insecurities and the things they are battling at the time. So I say to hell with all that. I want to encourage everyone in my life to be more open - in fact I challenge you. If someone makes you feel bad about thoughts you're having that aren't 100% happy all the time then they aren't people you should be spending time with. I don't want anyone else to have a horrible feeling of unfulfillment  - explained or unexplained - so how about we support each other a little bit more instead of feeling envy or rivalry? I've never been a big fan of 'new year, new you', but if you are going to change anything for the year ahead, then why not try to be content with what you already have? Stop feeling like you've failed because you're not the same as everyone else. We are all special, and the sooner we start believing that, the better off we will all be. 

Sunday, 31 December 2017

Let's be proud of what we've achieved

I'm sure you've seen a lot of people posting about the three things they are proud to have achieved in 2017 after Adam J Kurtz's tweet about personal achievements went viral. Every other post on my feed seems to be my blogger pals and favourite people stating what impressive things they have done and I think it's awesome to see people taking a moment to recognise how great they are. 365 days is a long time, and we are all capable of achieving a lot - so give yourself a big pat on the back for getting through it all. You did it! Whilst I say that, I do also think that it is important to not feel bad if you haven’t achieved life changing things in 2017. I wouldn’t say that anything I achieved was even in the slightest bit earth shattering, but to me, they meant a lot and I am proud of them from a personal point of view. 
So to end this (slightly chaotic and bizarre) year, I thought I would tell you the top three things that I am proud to have achieved in the last 12 months.
I survived over a year in my London job, and got a pay rise. Now saying that I survived a year in my job doesn’t sound like something to shout about, but this time two years ago I was settled in a nice job in Cambridge and was far too terrified to do a ‘big move’ to London. So I really am impressed with myself that I not only managed to quit one job that I quite liked back home, but also that I managed to get a new job in the big smoke, and didn’t get fired/bored. I know that the current job market isn’t amazing, so I think that if you can stick it out anywhere and still be happy to go to work each day - then you’re doing well! Then, because of the hard work of everyone in my team, we managed to all get a pay rise. It wasn’t much, and isn’t anything to shout from the rooftops about, but London life is pretty pricey, so every penny counts!This year has been an interesting one in terms of my health. I started the year feeling fit as a fiddle, without a care in the world. I was eating too much, drinking too much, and generally not taking care of my body. Then in the early summer I was hit with ongoing bouts of cystitis and kidney problems. Of course, it is very easy to assume that this was because of the normal reasons (google it if you’re unaware), but unfortunately that just wasn’t the case for me. I was getting more and more ill, and ended up crying in agony in front of doctors too many times to count. After a number of visits to A&E, NHS doctors and private consultants, I was told that I have an incurable hereditary kidney disorder which means that my body is susceptible to more infections than a normal person. Every time I get sick, it is more than likely to be because of something new, and the only cure for it is long term antibiotics. Only problem is, each infection needs different antibiotics, so it means that I am basically a human sample testing machine every time I am ill. So months after this debacle started I am now in a more stable position, and am feeling positive about my health moving forward. I have had to give up a lot (including two of my faves - wine and caffeine), I’ve had to switch up my lifestyle so I am not exhausting myself, I’ve had to change a lot of the products I used to avoid infections, and finally, I spend my life living with sample pots, antibiotics and water bottles in my bag everywhere I go - but I will take all of this if it means I’m not in pain, miserable, and missing out on life. I am so proud of myself for not giving up when times got tough, for persevering with tests and drugs and doctors appointments, and I am proud that I have managed to survive despite at one point feeling like there was no chance i’d ever get better.
My third achievement is something pretty general, but awesome all the same. In 2017 I met so many incredibly amazing new people and I am feeling very grateful. I met new friends, new bloggers, new colleagues and a new man, and it is very exciting to think back at all the awesome experiences I had with each and every one of these people. There’s no denying that a new romantic relationship makes a huge difference to your life, but I genuinely think the success of 2017 has been because of a combination of people who have all contributed to making the last 12 months incredible for me. I've met like-minded individuals who are not only interesting, but they are also interested, and that makes for an awesome time together. I'm learning from my boyfriend and friends all the time, and I feel like I am constantly developing as a person with the help of a fantastic support system around me. I am so thankful that I am able to meet new people on a daily basis, whether that is through work, at events, or through friends, and I hope that 2018 brings a lot more fascinating people in to my life.
The move into 2018 is literally just the clock moving from one minute to the next, so try not to put too much pressure on things. I didn’t ask for or plan for any of the points above, but I achieved them because I had an open mind and saw happiness as my number one priority. I’m not expecting miracles in 2018, but I am going to continue each day with as much positivity as I can muster up, and I am going to relish the opportunities that come my way. I’m not going to set goals, but I wish you all the luck in the world with whatever you want to achieve in the next 12 months, and I can’t wait to see how much we have all grown this time next year. 

Outfit - Polo neck, Jacket, Jeans, Shoes, Bag: all Primark

Friday, 15 December 2017

Are we all suffering from nomophobia?

Nomophobia - an anxiety disorder which stems from being out of cellular phone contact.

There’s no denying that phones are amazing. I remember getting my first Nokia when I was a kid and being totally blown away by it. Although I was under strict instructions that I could only use it to call people (and by ‘people’ my parents meant them, and them alone), I was still fascinated by how you could put a few numbers in and then someone else would pick up at the other end. Mind blowing magic as a child! Over the years phones have changed from providing us with phone calls, to text messages, to emails and BBM (remember that?), to pictures and internet, and then finally the thing we never knew we needed - social networking apps. I’m know I’m not the only one who has WhatsApp, Facebook (and Messenger), Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Snapchat and Skype on my phone, and I certain that I’m not the only one who checks these pretty much every day. It truly is unbelievable that we are all so busy and have so little time to do so many things in our lives yet our scrolling time is increasing year on year. It's addictive - each app catches ours and our friends interest and then we are hooked. Whether it’s looking at meme after meme on Facebook, or catching up on the latest news on twitter, we all use social media to consume information...but we also waste a lot of time on complete crap. I can’t be the only one getting frustrated that I don’t actually see anything my friends have put on Facebook because it’s jam packed with posts about things they had ‘liked’. Surely the whole Instagram community is pulling their hair out about the stupid algorithm which means we're seeing the same pictures over and over? And despite being so god damn irritated, I still go back...every scroll, scroll, scroll. Why do I do this to myself? I rely on my phone for so much - checking emails on the go, listening to some amazing podcasts, reading blog posts and articles from people I love - and it’s all part of my day to day life. There’s so many things I wouldn’t know if it wasn’t for my phone, and how easy it is for me to get and share information. But at the same time, phones also really concern me. After looking at a screen all day at work, I make a conscious decision to stare at another screen in my spare time. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure I’d be totally out of the loop if I didn’t have a bit of phone time, but I’m also realising that a lot of people (myself included) are rarely seen without a phone in hand, and it’s like it has become an extension of us that we never knew we needed. Some realisations: - I barely pick up the phone to call my loved ones, because there are so many other easier ways to communicate quickly and then move on with something else I’m doing.

- I take pictures of EVERYTHING, just because I can. With a swipe right on my phone I can be on my camera without even having to put my password in. I have thousands of pictures that I never do anything with, and probably only about 3 photo albums in my house with physical pictures in them - unlike my parents who still make so many. - I happily sit with my 3 housemates on the sofa and we ‘multi-task’ by watching tv, chatting and scrolling on our phones. It suits us because we want to hang out together, but also catch up on what we haven’t had the chance to look at during the day whilst in the office. But it always saddens me that this is the world we live in as I so often feel like i'm not fully present in a situation because i'm trying to do too many things at once. Do we really live in a time where we need to have 'mobile free nights' or leave our phones in our rooms for a bit so I fully embrace the time I spend with people? - I very often go for dinner with friends and phones are always on/never far from the table. Yes, this can be good because we can show things quickly, or look something up which will add to our conversation, but it always makes me think about the fact that people coped absolutely fine when they had to call their friend the next day to give them that restaurant suggestion or email the holiday pictures. - Are people actually listening? How many times do you think to yourself ‘Did they just hear what I said?’ - well for me, that is a lot. I’m sure I am just as guilty from time to time, but I am now so aware that so many people in my life are in a world of their own scrolling through rubbish online whilst I’m trying to have a conversation with them. The worst for me is when we are in public (which is just plain rude), as it makes me want to be doing something better with my time than talking to the equivalent of a brick wall. - I don’t sleep very well. I look at so many gadgets between when I wake up and go to sleep so it’s no surprise that I lie restless in bed for a while before eventually falling asleep. This is because screens reduce the amount of melatonin your body produces (the hormone that controls your sleep cycle), and your phone also makes your brain more alert and less relaxed because of the amount of information your consuming. Sleep is so precious - so why make myself so tired? We clearly all love our little gadgets, I know I couldn’t live without mine, but with all of the realisations above, it does make you think about the decisions you're making. It is clear that is our phones are making us far more sociable without having to leave our sofa, but they are also making us antisocial as we might not always be enjoying moments to the fullest. I'm not saying I’m going to ditch the gadgets and go back to writing letters, but I fear myself and a lot of people I know are on the verge of/already have nomophobia. How about we put down our phones whilst with friends? Arrange to meet up with someone instead of finding out about their life via WhatsApp or Facebook? Stop scrolling through Instagram when we realise we’ve seen the same thing more than twice? Just make a conscious effort to look up from our screens and live in the real world instead of through our amazing, but pesky phones. I know I will be. CTx

Saturday, 18 November 2017

Don't be afraid to re-invent yourself

When I say re-invent yourself, I don't mean going the fully whammy and dying your hair, getting rid of all your clothes and radically changing every aspect of your life (although totally fine if you want to do that). I'm more talking about the fact that you shouldn't be afraid to change who you are because of what people will think of you if you aren't the same old person you've always been. I have spoken to so many people in the last year about how damaging (and also amazing) old relationships of all types can be. On the one side you have people who know you through and through, and can support you with things that are reoccurring in your life. However, on the other hand it means that people have the same expectations of you, and they think of you as the same person you were when you were 10, 15, 20...when sometimes that just isn't always the case.
I have made a lot of changes to my life in the last few years, all for the better, and I wouldn't ever look back. As a result of this, i've grown up, and changed as a person - whether that is in my fashion sense, hair colour, make up style, or more personally in my attitude to life and the people around me -  there's no doubt about it, you can't always stay the same. I don't spend my time with some of the same people as I did 5 years ago, and there's nothing wrong with that. A lot of the time it isn't because it was some big conscious decision, but instead because we were friends through circumstance. I'm sure if I saw them now then things would be fine, but I doubt i'd go out of my way to arrange to make plans (however harsh that may sound). Life moves on, people change and move away, and there is literally nothing wrong with that. Sometimes friendships fade away, and as long as neither party is overly offended by that, then why are we spending so much time trying to force something that ultimately isn't making us happy? 
What I have realised is that I am at my happiest by having little pockets of friends in lots of different places, and some are old friendships and some are new. Variety is the spice of life after all! Each friendship offers something new, and I have no doubt that I am a slightly different person with each of them. I don't mean that I am being two faced or fake, but instead that I offer different qualities to all the relationships, and those people offer me something different to what I get from my other friends. Some people I hang out with like drinking and partying, whereas others don't. Some like art galleries and exhibitions, and others don't. Some like eating all the amazing food in London, whereas others like to exercise with me. How on earth can you be the same person all the time when what you like and dislike is changing on a daily basis? Let yourself be more than one person, and re-invent yourself from time to time if something new sparks an interest in you that you didn't know was there. You're not doing anything wrong by putting yourself out of your comfort zone, and by socialising with someone new or different. You're actually developing yourself, learning new things, exploring new places, and becoming a more well-rounded person by doing so. 
Don't get me wrong, the people who have been in my life for longer than a few years still mean the absolute world to me, but I would never want to put them in a box and only think of them in one way. They have changed, they have grown up, and although sometimes it may not work between you, more often than not, you realise that you're in it together. The best types of relationships are those where there is no pressure to see each other all the time, and that does not mean for one second that you care any less. It just means that you are respectful of each other's lives. We are all so bloody busy all the time, and we need to live our lives in a way that suits us best. Surround yourself with people who excite you, who fill your heart with warmth, and who bring you up when you're down. Whether you've known them a day, a month, a year or 10 years - it doesn't matter. You've re-invented yourself a number of times already, keep going - you never know who is waiting for you round the corner.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Taking some time for reflection

 Today's blog post is a bit of a strange one as I am writing this from an airplane. Obviously I'm not actually posting it from the air, but I'm writing down my thoughts in notes on my phone whilst on a 13 hour flight to Bali. I'm 6 hours in and although I've spent 2 hours of that watching a movie, the majority of this flight so far has been spent staring out of the window and thinking. 
The last few weeks in London have been so mad and I feel like I've hardly had any time for reflection. It's been so nice to just sit here for a couple of hours listening to music and thinking about all the time that has so quickly passed me by over the last few months to a year. I hate to be one of those people, but can you actually believe that we are almost at the end of the year already? How the hell did that happen? 
 A couple of months ago I got a little mindfulness book from my friend Cara for my birthday and it says so much about the benefits of taking time to clear your mind and reflect - as it provides you with more thoughtful decision making about things currently happening, but also provides closure for things that need to be left in the past. That could be something small like worrying over a piece of work that you felt you could have done better on, or something bigger like a disagreement with a friend or an old relationship break down. We need to all remember how important it is to do a post-situational analysis on things that happen in life in order to work out how we can learn from them. After all, each day comes with new lessons and mistakes, so if you don't take time to reflect on them then you're just going to move so quickly that you spiral out of control without a second thought.
It needs to be recognised that being an adult can be a daily struggle. We live in a world where there are so many pressures from every angle; whether that's financial, mental, dietary, career related...god the list goes on. If I am completely honest, I don't know how we all get out of bed in the morning and go to work with the amount of stuff hanging over our heads. It is tough because I know full well that the older generations think that 'millennials' always make out as if life is so difficult...but actually it bloody is! We are all often made to feel like being you isn't good enough because the moment you feel good about something, another thing comes by, hits you in the face and knocks you for six. 
I guess this post (/rant) is a little acknowledgement to everyone - because I need to tell you that I'm proud of you. Try and take some time out of your busy life to reflect on that fact that although things aren't perfect, and there are elements of your life that you'd probably like to're doing a bloody great job of keeping your head above water with the way things currently are. As strange as it sounds, I'm really glad that we all have our imperfect lives, because it means we are real, and we struggle with real problems which we each can learn from. They make you stronger as a person and allow you to go on to tackle life by kicking butt, and that is very inspiring.

Being up in the clouds for so long literally forces you to take a step back from everything, and I feel like mentally I have been so productive. I've thought about work, friends, money, relationships, food, music, clothes, my social much. My brain has been positively working out what I'm doing with my life, where I want to be, and how I'm going to get there. Although you probably won't be able to jump on a plane to do the same, why not grab a cup of tea, sit down and makes some notes about the things you want to reflect on? Let your brain do it, I promise you'll feel better afterwards.

Sunday, 3 September 2017

Getting crafty with embroidery

I have been loving the embroidered trend that's been around for the last year, and I'm really glad to see that it has stayed around for so long through A/W last year and S/S this year. Stores have embroidered everything in sight and I think that it can add something really special to an minimal outfit. I am quite a big fan of a simple stylish look, so adding a pair of embroidered boots, or an embroidered bag can completely transform the look! One evening I was feeling adventurous and thought that I would see if I could recreate one of these amazing embroidered looks myself by getting a little crafty. 
 I spent hours googling how on earth I would do it and after quite a few youtube tutorials and pinterest board searches, I worked it out! The first stumbling block was that I didn't know what item of clothing I would want to do a DIY on....a skirt would look lovely, but I am quite particular about skirts so I didn't want to screw that one up; then I thought I could get a cheap clutch bag, but then I realised I couldn't be trusted ironing on to fake leather or fake suede. So I had a look through my wardrobe and realised that my go-to casual day outfit is a comfortable shirt, and I have been loving the simple fitted shirts appearing in every shop. 
As I own a couple of nice shirts already, I thought I would head to Primark to pick up a fairly inexpensive light blue one, in case I completely ruined it! I searched around the internet to try and find the perfect floral design, and eventually bought a patch from eBay for a couple of pounds. I got the iron out to stick the design on with some webbing from Poundland and I was amazed that it only a couple of minutes to do. You cut the webbing out and place it on the back of areas you want to stick down, not forgetting to get bits in to the corners where it may become undone through wearing it.
I was so pleased with the result of my crafty afternoon, so I filmed a little OOTD video whilst out in Kensington to show it off. Let me know what you think! 

Saturday, 1 July 2017

Exploring Cambridge with Olympus

A couple of months ago I headed back to Cambridge to meet up with some girls from Camb Meet Up for an exciting afternoon wandering round the city. One of our members, Alice, had very kindly organised a fantastic outing for us in conjunction with Olympus and Campkins Cameras, and I was very excited! We met at the store on King's Parade and were greeted by David Smith, an Olympus tech specialist, who was ready and waiting for us all to try out the new Olympus Pen E-PL 8. Check out these little beauties...
I have the previous version (EP 7) and even though I've had it a couple of months, I am still very much getting to grip with it after being a Canon user for many years. Having the opportunity to give the new version a go could only be a benefit to me as the functionality of Olympus cameras are pretty much the same - so I was very eager to take home all the tips I could! I sometimes think that I learn the best through actually playing around with a gadget myself and through being with other people who are doing the same, so listening to what the others were finding out was really beneficial for me.
Cambridge is beautiful all year round, with stunning green spaces, old historic buildings, and lots of little independent shops, but we were even luckier to be able to explore the streets in gorgeous sunshine! As Brits, having nice weather definitely helps to put everyone in a good mood. It's amazing the difference it can make when you get a glimpse of sunshine through the clouds. This day seemed as if the sun was shining down on us, encouraging us to get snap happy and document the city, and each other in the best light. I find that surrounding yourself with people who are enthusiastic about blogging, YouTube and cameras is really inspiring. It makes me so grateful to have such an awesome community around me, and to have been able to have such a fun day out with them because of Campkins and Olympus. 
As this is typically a compact camera, and is ideal for a person who is an entry level photographer, there are many basic features that allow you to take pictures nicely without having to divert away from the automatic features. Olympus itself even claims that they created the camera with content creators in mind, as it a stylish camera which is easy to use. There aren't too many buttons or dials, so it is perfect for someone who is a little bit intimidated by too many camera options, but still wants to learn how to capture a great image. The menus are a little confusing if you've never played around with an Olympus camera before, but I think I need to sit down with the instructors and work out which settings are in which section. 
The main things that i'm pleased that I learnt was about adding blur to photos when i'm taking them, rather than in post-editing. This has made such a difference when I'm shooting products at events, or out and about. All bloggers love a bit of blur, so knowing that I can do it with a basic kit lens is really exciting. Another thing that's super helpful is brightening your image, and changing the temperature of the picture before you take it. You can change the exposure in darker rooms or later at night, and they still come out really clearly - result! The wifi option is also ingenious. It allows you to take a picture and post it on your website or social media within a couple of minutes through the Olympus app. I understand why so many bloggers have picked these cameras up purely for that feature! When you have a specific theme going on and you want to maintain posting pictures with good clarity then you can do with only a few clicks.
Thank you to Campkins and Olympus! I had the best day out and I can't wait to explore the Olympus Pen features more every time I take it out to play. 

Sunday, 25 June 2017

A Little Life Update...

Hey guys! A little while ago I sat down in my room to record a life update. So much has changed in the last year and I thought it would be worthwhile filming an update for you all so you know why I've been a little distant. Blogging and YouTube has always been a passion of mine, and I think honesty is crucial for connecting with your audience, so I hope you like finding out about what i've been up to! Just remember, sometimes risks are worth the taking, and life does get better - time is a great healer. 


Let festival season begin...

 It's official guys, summer is upon us! Every Brit has cracked out the factor 50 and a pair of shorts and they are ready for the sunshine (albeit temporary). One thing I love about the summer is that there is live music everywhere you turn. Whether you're going to the pub after work and there's an awesome little band entertaining the crowds, or you're packing your bags to go and sleep in a field for a few days at a festival, music can be found pretty much anywhere! I've always been a big lover of live music and festivals, and have often spent my summers wearing a floral crown and some wellies whilst I run around getting from stage to stage to see my favourite acts. There is something so exciting about being in a place surrounded by people who are all there to enjoy the music and generally have a good time! It's like all the adults have escaped from work for the weekend and have been let loose with ciders and glitter, and I bloody love it. 
Now let's get one thing straight, festivals are awesome because of a few key things. Live music, atmosphere, food and drink, and finally my favourite At a festival you're allowed to let go and experiment, go wild with patterns, colours, and fabrics, or if it's sunny...hardly wear anything at all! Most girls tend to go for the boho look which consists of something loose, flowing curled hair, and floral patterns. Some girls of for a bit more of a grungy look with darker colours, shirts and boots - but whatever style you go for, own it! Although i'm not going to many festivals this summer, I love checking out all the celebrity style, and seeing how my friends and bloggers rock their summer style. A few key looks that I think will be seen all over the place this summer will be floral mesh tops, check shirts and space buns covered in glitter. Some of these images here are a few of my favourite looks, what do you think? How would you dress for a festival this summer? If you want to get in the festival mood, watch the Glastonbury videos on Radio 1!

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Let's eat! Brunch at Grain Store, Kings Cross

I have been working in London quite a while now so I have been doing my best to try and explore it whenever I get the chance. I've been so pleased with how many places I've been to, and the memories I've made, but the one thing I've realised is that no matter how often I go out for food, there will always be somewhere else on my wish list. It's really nice because I often go somewhere after it's been recommended to me, and I've found that this means that i'm pretty much guaranteed to go to somewhere good. So to continue the recommendation thread, I've decided to create a new series on my blog called Let's eat! It would be so amazing if I shared information about a great place I've been to and then I get feedback from someone else saying how much they also loved it too. After all, that's what is so fantastic about the blogging community! 
To kick off the series, I thought i'd tell you a little bit about Grain Store, King's Cross. Based in an old warehouse, this restaurant has been imaginatively transformed into a modern, yet industrial space with eclectic designs and natural lighting. When you walk into Grain Store you feel an instant buzz in the air because of the big open space, busy staff and tables filled with chattering diners. The open kitchen also makes you feel a little like you're involved in the whole dining experience as you can hear the sounds of pots and pans moving around in the kitchen over the top of the soft jazz style music coming from the speakers. It has a very relaxed and friendly vibe and the waiter we had made us feel very welcome, despite the obvious madness from how many people they had in that day. Amazing how often this doesn't happen!
I went for lunch with three of my friends as a belated birthday treat, and it definitely was that. Although some of the dishes were a little above my normal brunch price range, the dishes were inventive and filling. One of the things I really liked about their menu was that it was especially accommodating for vegans and vegetarians. Although I am neither of those things, I always like to see a good selection on offer in case I want to avoid meats. On this day I went for a crushed avocado on toast, scrambled eggs and bacon, with dukkah and basil oil, and i'm pleased to say that it tasted light and fresh. This is very unusual as my normal go-to brunch dishes often make me feel like I need a nap afterwards as I'm so full up. It isn't surprising that the dish was so light though because everything that passed us by was filled with colourful wholesome foods, so it's evident that chef Bruno Loubet sees seasonal vegetables and healthier options as a crucial element to a good meal. Safe to say, we had a lot of happy bloggers round the table.
If you're looking for a place to go for a chilled drink, brunch or dinner (the menu looked yummy for that too), then i'd recommend Grain Store, King's Cross. It is definitely one of those places you would have to plan a trip to as it does get very busy, but if you want a catch up with a special friend, or family member then I would suggest you head over and check it out. If you want to find out about more of the delicious places I've visited then keep an eye on my blog as I continue the Let's eat! series. Lots more to come soon!
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